Pair of foldable Samsung smartphones now expected out in early 2017

Here we go again, rumor-mongering endlessly about possibly the biggest mobile technology breakthrough since the invention of the touchscreen. It’s the foldable, bendable touchscreen, which companies like Samsung and LG have been working on for ages, only to hit major roadblocks when it comes to the flexibility of other smartphone components, as well as the durability of the stretchy ensemble.

OPPO may have recently joined the ranks of Android device manufacturers cooking up fully malleable, not just curved, handhelds, but naturally, we still expect Samsung’s Youm concept, now codenamed Project Valley, to commercially materialize first.

As soon as “early” next year, a few relatively reliable sources told us in the past couple of months, with the mother of authoritative publications upholding that same ETA today. What Bloomberg brings new to the table is word on two Galaxy X models, one capable of folding in half like a “cosmetic compact”, and the second a 5-incher with the capacity to unfurl into an 8-inch tablet.

We honestly couldn’t say which one sounds more exciting, as the former might bring back flip phone memories (with a nice contemporary spin) and improve the portability of today’s many jumbo-sized gadgets, while the latter strikes us as the best of both phone and tablet worlds, with a compact form factor, productivity, and entertainment-friendly large screen.

Apparently, Samsung somehow managed to resolve the biggest obstacle preventing Galaxy X mass-manufacturing, namely “making transparent plastics and making them durable”, so the final challenge could be coming up with a “user interface suitable for bendable screens.”

All shall purportedly be unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in February, and if that goes well, a commercial launch (or two) may take place in the ensuing months.

Source: Bloomberg

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