Micromax sets sights on China, global smartphone OEM top five placing by 2020

An early leader of the slowly developing Indian handheld landscape, Micromax appears to have ironically ran into trouble as its domestic market started to mature. While still ranked behind only Samsung in smartphone sales around those parts, the 2000-founded company has seen its numbers plummet of late, with the rise and expansion of many budget-focused Chinese OEMs.

But if device manufacturers like Lenovo, Vivo, OPPO, Gionee and LeEco can make it on foreign territory, why couldn’t Micromax do the same? After timid steps outside its comfort zone in small, unfledged countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia and Russia, the recently restructured Gurgaon-based tech outfit reportedly wants to tackle the mother of all smartphone markets.

No, not the US, but rather China, and soon, with the long-term goal of surging to the fifth spot in the global OEM hierarchy. Sounds like a tall order for a company that made headlines this year exclusively through subsidiary YU, though Micromax did manage at one point, not so long ago, to place in the worldwide top ten without much help from international sales.

The thing is even Western behemoths that can afford to spend bona fide fortunes on marketing are finding it hard to gain a foothold in China, where local low-cost brands rule. Micromax says it has a plan to raise the necessary money for an expansion, possibly in other countries too, but it remains unclear exactly how it intends to compete against the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi or Meizu on the latter group’s home turf.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: Android Central

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