Opera expands free and unlimited VPN services to iPhones and iPads

The least popular of the world’s big five web browsers, according to both W3 and StatCounter, is looking to gain users with a big push for privacy and unrestricted access to social networks and video streaming services.

Opera, or rather the Norwegian software company behind it, today announces the iOS launch of an app very recently made available on desktops as well. It’s called Opera VPN, and it unsurprisingly aims to “unblock the web for free.”

No more having to pay to change your virtual location to score admission to Netflix where it’s still prohibited, Facebook at work, certain YouTube videos in various countries around the world, or porn recreational websites on campuses.

No matter where you actually live, you’ll be able to trick the world wide web into believing your IP hails from one out of five nations: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Opera VPN will “increase your online privacy” by removing ad-tracking cookies (only if you want it to) on your iPhone or iPad. And best of all, the iOS app is completely free and unlimited, with Opera Software ASA leveraging the knowledge and background of Toronto-based SurfEasy, an outfit it acquired a little over a year ago.

Hesitant to “break down the barriers of the web and enjoy the internet like it should be”? Opera doesn’t say anything about pushing its own ads through this new VPN client, or harvesting your data, so it’d be a shame to not give it a whirl at least.

Source: Opera
Via: The Verge, TechCrunch

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