Everything comes together with this DROID Turbo 3 / Moto X 2016 leak

Fasten your seatbelts — this X-wing has taken off.

HellomotoHK has put up three new renders — possibly polished enough for the media — of what may be this year’s Moto X and this year’s major DROID phone exclusive to Verizon, likely to be the DROID Turbo 3.

Two renders show off the supposed main flagship with a metallic back design that matches this leak we saw last year. The camera pad looks to house a couple of focus-assist sensors while the “flat tire” effect stores the LEDs for the flash.

The bottom end of the rear sports a 16-pin contact for … something. For some reason. Say what you want, but we’re still confused about this Lapdock throwback. Maybe Lenovo isn’t, since it makes a ton of them laptops. We’re pretty sure that this won’t a Continuum competitor, — maybe it may become a Jide Remix OS competitor — but a Continuum-like companion for the company’s own-make phones. Say that five times fast.

The front of the phone matches recent leaks telling of a little awkward fingerprint-button combo with possible pockmarks for capacitive buttons.

Let’s talk about the DROID render — it’s the one with Verizon’s old checkmark logo and the poorly drawn out “DROID” logomark on the back. We’re not sure if the color streaking on the back is an actual design option or if it’s being used to illustrate the number of colors we may see on Moto Maker this time around. If the latter’s the case, prepare for a rainbow of new options.

The on-screen date of August 24, if indicative of the device’s (or devices’) launch date, contrasts against rumors that are centering on June 9. However long we have to wait, we’re pretty sure that we don’t have to worry too much about specs changing around in the meantime.

And hey, there’s always that Moto G.

Source: HellomotoHK
Via: Engadget

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