Massive Snapchat update delivers new video, photo, audio tools: meet Chat 2.0

Sick of apps delivering one or two new features at a time? Does bringing us such new stuff in a piecemeal fashion make it easier to embrace changes, or leave us feeling like we’re never quite caught up with new capabilities? Snapchat’s not having any of that feature-of-the-week crap, and today reveals nothing less than a substantial change to how users communicate with its app, all under the banner of Chat 2.0.

Don’t let that label fool you into thinking that all of today’s Snapchat improvements are chat-based, though a good number of them are. Admittedly, the non-chat stuff is a little more minor, but will still impact how users interact with the service. For instance, when viewing Stories you’ll no longer just see the posts from the user you tap; instead, Snapchat will automatically move right on to the next account you follow after the first one’s done.

But new chat features really are the heart of this update, and there’s no shortage of changes to uncover. Chat picks up support for short audio and video notes, letting users record short messages or thumbnail-sized looping videos and embed them right in a chat.

Sticker support gets improved with new content, as well as an intelligent suggestion mode that tries to highlight the most relevant options based on what you’ve been typing.

Video and audio call support evolves to no longer be tied to existing chat sessions, and you can start a call whenever you choose. Within those calls, users will get the ability to insert share already-taken photos stored on their phones. Photo improvements also exist on the chat side of things, with support for multiple pics and compatibility with the app’s markup tools.

The net result of these changes is that users are free to easily transition between multiple forms of communication -voice, text, video, photos, or mix of them- all from within the same app. Look for the new Snapchat with Chat 2.0 hitting Android and iOS users today.

Source: Snapchat
Via: TechCrunch

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