It’s here at last: Samsung Gear S2 gains iOS support, at least on Verizon


It’s been a terribly long, convoluted, bumpy ride from Android exclusivity to cross-platform compatibility for Samsung’s best smartwatch to date, and the nightmare seems to end in the most unexpected way. The largest and typically slowest US carrier in terms of software support is actually the first to make Gear S2’s highly anticipated new update official.

The over-the-air renovation should go down today, March 24, but of course, it might roll out in waves and take some time before spreading nationwide. What’s important is it’s finally happening, and if Verizon can pull it off, so will other networks soon enough, as well as unbranded models.

On Big Red, you’re looking at software version R730VVRU1BPC1 after the upgrade, and iOS 8.4 and up support in addition to synchronization to Android Marshmallow smartphones and a specific fix for a random clock freeze issue.

Why would iFans choose to pair their iPhones with the “enemy”? For one thing, the Samsung Gear S2 is much cheaper than the Apple Watch, even now and especially in refurb condition. Then there’s an arguably prettier exterior, particularly as far as the Gear S2 Classic is concerned.

Available on Verizon for $350, the Classic configuration is however yet to be confirmed for an imminent iOS-enabling update. Hopefully, that’s just temporary, and a separate announcement will be issued before long.

For the time being, remember to juice up your Gear S2 battery and connect it to a strong Wi-Fi, as only then you’ll be prepared to start your download and installation.

Source: Verizon Support

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