Verizon makes it easy to upgrade from the Galaxy S7 whenever you feel like it

It’s odd to already think about this, but one day, not too soon, that spanking new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge will start lagging. Or simply feel outdated compared to the Galaxy Note 6, the GS8 or maybe even the iPhone 7.

When that time comes, it’s good to know your carrier has your back, letting you upgrade to the “next big thing” sans forcing you to jump through many hoops. Like charge you a small fortune for outstanding monthly device payments.

No reason to worry anymore on Verizon, as long as you cough up 50 percent of the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge’s full retail value and keep the precious in mint condition. If the two elementary requirements are met, you’ll be eligible to return your old handheld to the most popular American operator, and switch to a newer one of your choice.

Do the Annual Upgrade Program’s terms and conditions ring any bells? They should, since they’re the exact Android equivalents of the Verizon Edge iPhone 6s scheme. And although this technically kicked off yesterday, those of you who pre-ordered the S7 or S7 Edge early were automatically signed up for the hassle-free upgrades.

Even better, buyers of any other Big Red phone are also accepted if they entered device payment agreements before May 31 2015. And if you’re looking to switch to VZW from a rival service provider, there’s still up to $650 waiting in termination fees. Finally, traders in the market for a GS7 or S7 Edge can score $300 discounts. Who knew it paid off so handsomely to join the carrier everybody loves to hate?

Source: Verizon News Center

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