Samsung unveils in-development Waffle social network, Entrim 4D VR accessory

As its smartphone sales slowly start to sink, tablets refuse to catch on, and smartwatches remain aimless to a great extent, Samsung is willing to try pretty much anything to discover and develop the tech industry’s “next big thing.”

But a smart belt probably isn’t it, the “rink” mobile VR hand-motion controller needs a lot of work before it can even play in the same league as Microsoft Kinect sensors, while a watch strap that enables hands-free and headset-free phone communication sounds neat yet hardly groundbreaking.

How about the second batch of experimental C-Lab projects, showcased at South by Southwest 2016 in Austin, Texas? Well, off the bat, we’d like to rule out the Hum On! app from the slate of possible innovators and trendsetters.

Fairly original in concept, the “musical translator” feels awfully limited in scope. Like something you’d tinker with for half an hour during a rainy Sunday afternoon, then forget all about.

Next up, there’s Waffle, a social media “platform” that badly needs a different name. Of course, that’s the least of its concerns, when it targets Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a collaborative angle and little else of novelty.

You know what the problem is with a purely “collaborative” social media network, don’t you, Samsung? That’s right, it requires a strong user base, and outside of a big marketing spend, we can’t see it getting the necessary adoption numbers to go mainstream.

Lastly, we have an Entrim 4D motion headset that… actually looks interesting on paper. Using a combination of algorithms and something called “Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation”, this aims to enhance the Gear VR’s strictly visual virtual reality experience, making you “feel like you are a part of the excitement.” And you just have to slip on a pair of normal-looking headphones in addition to the goggles.

If there’s one Creative Lab undertaking Samsung decides to mass-produce, it better be the Entrim 4D!

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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