Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 available for $600 on eBay, S7 Edge costs $700


Technically launched around the world just ahead of this past weekend, Samsung’s “next big things” were in reality up for grabs and shipping to early adopters a while back, at least stateside. And with compelling freebies like Gear VR headsets or Gear S2 smartwatches bundled in, there was no logical reason to hold off your purchase.

Unless, perhaps, you wanted to get the full story on the “Chipgate” and “Cameragate” suspicions floating around the interwebs, or simply waited until reviews were done to see how the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge performed in real life.

Also, maybe your heart longed for actual discounts instead of bonus virtual reality items, and you couldn’t settle on a carrier right away. Enter trusted eBay sellers Techno Trading House and 232tech, the former of which charges $600 on an international unlocked GS7, and the latter of which wants $700 for a SIM-free S7 Edge.

Both those prices are between $50 and $100 south of outright operator tags, but obviously, the usual eBay international listing drawbacks apply. As such, don’t expect Samsung to make any warranty-covered reparations for these devices, and activating them on CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint is out of the question.

More shortcomings than advantages, then? Perhaps, but if you want to go the unlocked Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge route on North American shores, what’s the alternative? There isn’t any, so you better hurry before stocks run out. Already, the 32GB flat version is only available in gold.

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