LG G5 pre-orders are underway on Amazon UK, release set for April 8


Whether you’re only curious about the G5 because it’s exotic and ingenious, or you’re actually looking to defy statistics and buy the “world’s first modular phone”, there’s no denying the healthy buzz LG’s managed to accumulate around the 5.3-incher.

But will the attention and customer interest last, as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available today, and the LG G5… not? It depends on exactly how long people need to wait to pick the versatile powerhouse up.

Unfortunately, you’re most likely faced with another month or so of waiting, at least stateside, in Canada, and the UK. The Amazon’s British branch is quite possibly the first global retailer to accept LG G5 pre-orders, at a no-contract price of £529, and with an April 8 launch date.

That’s the exact same ETA unveiled up north, and the tag converts to roughly $750. Sounds a little steep, and it’s in fact a full Benjamin north of Galaxy S7’s starting price in the US, but the comparison isn’t entirely fair.

Instead, we should look at how much Amazon UK charges for a 32GB GS7, which is £560 ($795). Of course, £529 doesn’t cover the cost of any optional accessories or “modules”, and there’s no mention of a bundled spare battery or charging cradle, two freebies that will be offered to American buyers in early April.

Still, the LG G5 is hardly an extravagant purchase on British shores, so the main question you have to ask yourselves is if it’s worth the wait. Well?

Source: Amazon UK

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