Samsung Galaxy S7 priced and dated in India, shipping early from Verizon and Best Buy


It’s ironic, but although Samsung initially announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would launch on March 11 and Verizon and Best Buy have reportedly begun delivering the phones yesterday, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a premature rollout.

That’s because T-Mobile actually got the head start on all its carrier rivals with pre-orders shipped as early as February 29, and AT&T and Sprint followed suit around March 2. Ergo, you could even deem Big Red and BB late to the release party, despite themselves doing a splendid job in dispatching the GS7 and S7 Edge four days ahead of schedule.

Of course, if you’re yet to receive your precious new water-protected flagship, and haven’t been informed by your seller of an ETA, there’s no need to panic. You’ll probably wait a few days longer than your luckiest Samsung-loving compadres, tops.

Meanwhile, over in India, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge should debut commercially on March 18, setting you back 48,900 and 56,900 Rupees respectively. That’s $725 and $845, give or take, so slightly more than what Verizon charges outright on American shores. Still, it’s relatively affordable by local high-end Android standards, and the prices include free Gear VR headsets during the pre-booking period.

There’s even more good news to report, or rather auspicious rumors, as insiders claim S7/S7 Edge shipments might kick off across the old continent today as well. Now that’s what we call successful global deployment.

Sources: Droid Life, Sammy Hub, SamMobile

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