Motorola still figuring out how to co-brand with Lenovo


“Moto by Lenovo” just rolls off the tongue, right?

After Motorola Mobility COO Rick Osterloh said that the Motorola device branding would give way to Moto by Lenovo, the media (us included) went into a frenzy — as if the word “Motorola” was to soon vanish from our vocabularies. The lead engineer on the first cellular telephone at Motorola, Martin Cooper, stated to Pocketnow that:

It is a sad historical event when the company that created so much modern technology, including the cell phone, will no longer have a consumer presence.

The reaction machine had overblown the move like an umbrella forced inside out.

At an MWC press briefing today, SVP of Marketing and Communications Adrienne Hayes said that Motorola Mobility, as we know it, “will continue to exist.”

The problem, however, remains in execution of a Lenovo co-opted device brand.

“We’re trying to embrace the parent company […] There’s a lot of opportunity there, so we’re looking to leverage that,” Hayes goes on to say.

Be it the “Lenovo Moto X” or, based on Osterloh’s previous words, “Moto X by Lenovo,” these monikers are still going to become more of a mouthful. The “DROID” brand for Verizon-exclusive smartphones may get another treatment as well, but that’s also a work in progress.

“At the end of this year, what we’re talking about now will start to hit the market,” Osterloh said, “and we think that over time, [the names] will be a lot less confusing than it is now.”

As previously announced, the Motorola team is now handling engineering and design of its own-branded and Lenovo-branded smartphones, but is integrating some of Lenovo’s R&D into their hardware — particularly in the cameras. Both brands will retain the look and feel of their Android skins, more or less.

“We’re going to keep the Vibe thing going in the Vibe way and the Moto thing going in the Moto way,” Osterloh said.

The actual devices themselves? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Via: Android Central

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