Android 6.0 Marshmallow now available as OTA upgrade for ZTE Axon Pro


As one of China’s most respected mobile device manufacturers, ZTE should have probably gathered the courage to properly tackle the US smartphone market years ago. Better late than never, though, as starting last summer, American Android power users on a tight budget were treated to the Axon Pro.

Initially priced at $400 unlocked, and currently available for as little as $330 on Amazon, the Quad HD/Snapdragon 810/4GB RAM beast needed just one more thing to become truly irresistible. And now, that very thing can be easily downloaded and installed over-the-air.

We mean of course 6.0 Marshmallow software, which enters the affordable high-end equation to replace the archaic 5.1 Lollipop OS, and brings to the table crucial improvements like Doze mode, Google Now on Tap, and a redesigned, smoother and faster app drawer.

Android purists will be happy to hear ZTE highlights no proprietary UI tweaks in its press release announcing the update rollout, so there’s every reason to believe non-stock modifications are kept to a minimum.

Nonetheless, the goodie pack is massive, at roughly 835MB, so you’re advised to free up sufficient internal storage space, load up your battery, and most importantly, use only Wi-Fi to pull the 6.0 bundle OTA.

Once the ZTE Axon Pro receives its well-deserved makeover in all the territories it’s sold in, the non-Pro variant should follow suit and also trade stale Lollipop treats for fresh Marshmallows.

Source: Android Central


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