Ingenious new LG G5 removable battery has its retail box leaked


LG’s audacity of going head to head with Samsung at MWC 2016 in Barcelona for its next-gen flagship announcement might well be rewarded on Sunday, when one of the most innovative Android smartphones in recent memory is expected to go official.

We’re obviously not talking about the redundant Galaxy S7, but rather the Magic Slot-sporting G5. This won’t exactly rival the highly modular aspect of Google’s Project Ara prototypes, though it should allow for easy replacing of a couple of components, plus seamless functionality enhancements via optional accessories.

After catching a glimpse of a purported LG Cam Plus grip for photography improvements and battery capacity expansion, and hearing word of a digital audio chip “module”, we finally take a look at the elusive pop-out cell previously rendered by “people in the know.”

As it turns out, Cnet Korea’s eyewitness-based image was unmistakably close to the real thing, as long as what we’re dealing with today is a legit retail box. Which it probably is, showing the LG logo that will undeniably grace the G5’s bottom screen bezel.

Said “chin” shall apparently detach from the metal-made LG G5 chassis, and let you swap the battery without compromising build quality by way of a removable back cover. Only one little problem here – the actual ticker doesn’t seem very large, raising fears of sub-3,000 mAh volume. Oh, well, at least it should support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, and therefore go from 0 to 60 percent in mere minutes.

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