Samsung Galaxy S7 camera may be losing pixels compared to GS6, but should be physically larger


What do we know about Samsung’s plans for the main camera on the Galaxy S7? While LG appears to be going in an experimental new direction with the dual rear cameras on the G5, Samsung’s plans have felt a lot more conservative. Maybe the biggest factor in creating that impression has been been evidence pointing to Samsung giving the GS7 a camera with a lower megapixel count than on last year’s GS6, dropping from 16MP to 12MP. But Samsung’s not a company to dial back progress, and while we may be talking fewer total pixels, we’ve been hoping that also means higher overall image quality. But so far, hard details about the camera aside from that 12MP figure have been hard to come by; exactly what are we getting? Today we pick up a little new insight into the Galaxy S7’s main camera component, as an import database reveals the camera’s sensor size.

It’s India’s good old Zauba database to the rescue once again, and earlier this week it published a boatload of info on Galaxy S7 components. Were well used to seeing complete smartphones pop up here, but for every single little part to be listed separately is a rarity – and a real treat for us when we’re dealing with unreleased hardware.

Much of the components aren’t of huge interest: a speaker here, some double-sided tape there, and even the odd conductive gasket. But then we have the camera, confirmed not just as a 12MP sensor, but one with a 1/2.5-inch size.

Compare that to the 1/2.6-inch sensor on the Galaxy S6, and you can see that while the megapixel count is dropping, we’re dealing with a slightly larger sensor surface area – which spells bigger individual pixels, each that much more able to capture incoming light.

That could give the Galaxy S7’s camera pixels that are about 1.4 μm square – smaller than what we’re expecting for the HTC One M10, but a pretty good size, all the same – and certainly larger than the 1.12 μm square pixels on the GS6.

Source: Zauba
Via: phoneArena

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