iPads are headed for their worst quarter ever, but Apple will continue to lead the tablet market


Apple’s best quarter in history in terms of both overall profits and iPhone unit sales will likely be followed by its all-time worst, at least as far the latter is concerned. We’ve known that for a while, and Cupertino no doubt expects it, looking towards the lower-cost 5se and, possibly, a precocious 7 launch to turn things around.

What’s unlikely to put the company’s financial records on the right track are iPads, projected to fall short of 10 million shipments between January and March 2016 for their own historically lowest quarterly level.

Apparently, the iPad Pro is indeed off to a rocky start at the box-office due to its extravagant price and robust Microsoft competition. Meanwhile, it seems the iPad Air 3’s delay wasn’t the soundest business call in the book.

Still, even with a whopping 39.1 percent popularity dip compared to the 2015 holiday season, and a 20 percent year-on-year sales loss, large-screened iOS devices should rule over Samsung, Lenovo or Amazon rivals, at a share of 21 percent.

Galaxy Tabs are tipped to seize a 14 percent slice of the pie, trailed by Lenovos, with 7.2 percent, Amazon Fires, at 5.8, Huaweis (4 percent), Asus slates (2.7 percent), and Microsoft and TCL, tied at 2.6 percent shares.

Surfaces have thus a long way to go until reaching 10 percent, and that’s in part because compact, affordable tablets remain unsurprisingly beloved. 7-inchers will continue to account for the largest chunk of global shipments, namely 35.4 percent in Q1, followed by 9.x-inchers, at 23.8 percent, 11+ inchers, at 10.8 percent, and 10.x-inchers, with 10.1 percent.

Source: Digitimes

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