Apple snatched 91 percent of 2015 smartphone profits, Samsung was barely at 14


Before you point out the obvious, let us mention we’re well aware of the basic math contradiction yielded by adding together 91 and 14 percent. But there’s a very simple explanation for why the result exceeds 100.

Simple and sad at the same time, because while smartphones are widely regarded as these easy cash cows, turning a profit from manufacturing intelligent handhelds nowadays is tricky for many industry veterans, let alone aspiring rookies.

According to investment banking and financial services company Cannacord Genuity, Microsoft, HTC, Lenovo and Sony all lost money on phones in 2015, and BlackBerry, LG and TCL barely broke even, offsetting the remarkable gains of Samsung and especially Apple.

Yes, iPhones single-handedly comprised 91 percent of the global market’s net earnings, whereas the Galaxy family’s bottom line sat at a comparatively lower but healthy nonetheless 14 percent. It’s also worth highlighting the gap between the two fiscal juggernauts was higher back in Q3, when Apple captured 94 percent of worldwide surplus, and Samsung trailed at 11.

Apple profit share 2015

Keep in mind the Android-powered Galaxy dipped as far as unit sales were concerned in Q4, while iOS devices surged ahead of prospectively their worst quarter in years through March 2016. But hefty margins should help Cupertino preserve its dominance going forward, unless perhaps the 5se will be much cheaper and more powerful than anticipated. And unless Chinese up-and-comers like Huawei and Xiaomi start reporting colossal profits of their own.

Source: Fortune

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