Lenovo teases ‘gorgeous new device’ for MWC, probably a global Lemon 3


It’s probably way too late for any mobile-involved company to start building up buzz around products set to be unveiled at MWC next week, and hope they’ll magically steal the spotlight away from the long-in-the-rumor-mill Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and LG G5.

But there’s plenty of room under the Barcelona sun for Lenovo to score its mysterious upcoming “knockout” 15 minutes of European fame as well. Literally 15 minutes, as we’re likely looking at an international variant of a phone previously launched in China, and that doesn’t sound so very remarkable.

Then again, if the Lemon 3 is to cost a little over $100 on the Western hemisphere also, you should definitely allocate it some extra attention. Remember, LTE speeds are a part of the so far Asian-exclusive dirt-cheap package, alongside Snapdragon 616 processing power, 2GB RAM, 13 and 5MP cameras, a 5-inch Full HD display, and 2,750 mAh battery.

If Lenovo perhaps rebrands this as a Vibe-series handheld, or even better, a Motorola, and leaves Android 5.1 Lollipop behind for 6.0 Marshmallow, the “gorgeous new” end result truly has a chance at making Mobile World Congress headlines.

Let’s not jump to too many conclusions though, as the device manufacturer is yet to confirm the identity of its MWC knockout. It could be something else entirely, with just a similar design.

Source: Lenovo India (Twitter)
Via: Gadgets 360

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