AT&T offers new customers yet another incentive: up to $650 to switch carriers


It’s a great time to buy a new high-end Android handheld or iPhone and activate it on America’s second largest wireless service provider, despite the wave of spring launches needing a few more days to get started.

You have a couple of days to decide if it’s worth ditching your carrier for AT&T too, but it feels like a no-brainer when you’re offered up to $650 with eligible smartphone trade-ins, plus a free Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6s upon the purchase of an identical or pricier model.

Wait, so the two deals can be combined? You bet, and you’re not even required to plunk down the cash for one of the gadgets on sale upfront. In fact, the terms and conditions “obligate” you to pay $0 in advance, and sign up to a Next installment plan.

Activating a new line of “qualified postpaid” service, then porting an old Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile number, and discarding your current functional device valued at a minimum of $10 online or in physical stores should be enough to cover all early termination fees or any sort of balance owed on your final bill elsewhere.

You’ll probably get a little extra also on an AT&T Visa gift card, so Big Red’s dominant subscriber figures are in danger of falling second.

Source: AT&T Newsroom

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