AT&T will give you a free Galaxy S6 or S6 Active if you buy any Samsung flagship


Sprint recently kicked off a trade-in promotion aimed squarely at Galaxy S6 and Note 5 prospective buyers, T-Mobile supports love with a free LTE tablet, among others, and Verizon just bumped up its prepaid data allotment, so it was about time AT&T joined this surprising pre-spring sales bonanza.

It looks like the waiting may have been worth it too, as the second largest US carrier ranks first in savings offered to select Android enthusiasts. Namely, if you’re still in the market for high-end 2015 Samsung phones, even as the Galaxy S7 approaches, you can score a whopping $595 in bill credit.

By no coincidence, that’s the full retail value of the Samsung Galaxy S6 at Ma Bell, so basically, you’ll be getting the non-edgy 5.1-incher for free… if you pay for a separate S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, S6 Active or Note 5 first.

No need to plunk down a small fortune all at once though, as AT&T requires you purchase your primary device on a Next installment plan, then add a backup, also on Next. Technically, the gratis phone can be a GS6 Active too, or you can apply the $595 discount towards an S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus or GNote 5, and cover the difference.

Either way, you’re saving a massive six Benjamins, the main catches being you’re obligated to hold on to the two handhelds for 30 months, and cough up at least $70 every 30 days on service fees. Nobody said getting a Black Friday-like deal in mid-February was easy.

Source: AT&T 

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