LG G5 promoted with “Always ON” display, may get into trouble with Samsung


Well, this should prove to be an interesting case. If it ends up in court, that is.

LG has started promoting the G5 handset on its Facebook page and just tonight, it has posted a GIF touting an “Always ON” feature that looks similar to Motorola’s, Nokia’s and Android Marshmallow’s native ambient notifications feature.

The company dabbled with an ambient display function on the Second Screen of its V10.

Thing is, it could also be infringing upon Samsung’s trademark as the rival chaebol has filed an application to protect the term “Always On Display.” However, even if Samsung chose to enforce a trademark it has yet to officially receive (if at all), a trademark as it relates to terminology would have to be very strict. The omission of the word “Display” could let LG off the hook.

And it’s not like the two companies are actively out for each other’s blood in mobile. Well, actually, kinda.

Source: LG (Facebook)
Via: PhoneArena


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