Verizon increases data allotment for $45 and $60 a month prepaid plans


Exactly what makes Verizon the number one wireless service provider stateside nowadays? 4G LTE speeds? Not according to OpenSignal’s recent, comprehensive and independent market report. Coverage? Perhaps, but even in that department, T-Mobile is progressing at a remarkable pace.

Low device prices are generally out of the question at Big Red, not to mention network support for phones sold unlocked directly by their manufacturers. Meanwhile, unlimited data remains a utopian dream for the over 137 million subscribers of the US-leading operator.

Once again therefore, why would anyone choose VZW over T-Mo, or even AT&T and Sprint? Well, if you’re thinking of signing up to a prepaid plan, Verizon’s got a big surprise in store for you. A pleasant one, too, as $45 now nets you 2GB of “free” data, up from 1, and $60 comes with 5 gigs of web surfing, not 3 as before.

Better yet, simply agreeing to use Auto Pay further upgrades those numbers to 3 and 6GB respectively. With unlimited talk and text included, of course, and optional extra packages lasting up to 90 days. You can also always lower your monthly bill to $30, but in that case, you need to rely entirely on Wi-Fi navigation.

In comparison, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice prepaid plans start at $50 a month, and set you back a whopping $65 every 30 days for 6GB 4G LTE data. Then again, the “Uncarrier” does give you a free phone for a limited time.

Source: Verizon

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