Microsoft Lumia 850 possibly pictured yet again, handsomest Lumia ever canceled?


For a phone that was allegedly nipped in the bud as a direct consequence of very poor recent sales results, the Microsoft Lumia 850 is sure making a lot of noise in the rumor mill, with half a dozen covert photoshoots keeping release hopes alive.

It’s clearly possible we’re dealing with a prototype device never slated to materialize and officially go on sale, but the depicted metal frame simply looks too scintillating to have been aborted just like that. Worst case scenario, Redmond, come back to this design later, and perhaps turn it into your next mainstream flagship.

At the same time, we wouldn’t rule out this prototype coming into being sooner or later under Lumia 750 or even 650 XL monikers. Remember, the non-XL Microsoft Lumia 650 is almost surely around the corner, and if successful, it could definitely spawn a spin-off or two.

Lumia 850

Codenamed Honjo on the inside, the skinny, aluminum-enclosed beaut pictured today awkwardly positions its micro USB port (non-Type C) at the top, with a headphone jack at the bottom, and a screen diagonal of roughly 5.4 inches, according to tipsters.

This would no doubt sport Full HD resolution if real, with a Snapdragon 617 processor and at least 2GB RAM under the hood. Color combos would include this glitzy black-and-gold, as well as an all-black option, white + gold, and finally, white + rose gold. Come on, Microsoft, that sounds positively dreamy, especially if priced correctly, say, at $400 or so. There’s still time to reconsider, you know?

Source: Tieba Baidu
Via: NokiaPowerUser


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