Siri now gives relevant results when looking up abortion clinics


Voice assistants tend to be pretty helpful in getting you what you want to know. Google Now seems to be one of the more matured services that can get more than the basics down to an art. Cortana, being one of the newer players, is getting there quick — especially with cross-platform access. We refer to these types of services, however, as Siri, almost by second nature. Says a lot about what Apple does.

But this is about what Apple didn’t do for five years.

Since 2011, it was reported to Apple when Siri fielded queries about where one could find an abortion clinic that she instead would give results for adoption centers. A spokesperson for the Cupertino company said that it would “do better, and we will in the coming weeks.”

It’s five years later and recent media attention to this still-existent and rather unfortunate bug has been laid out over the past year from the University of California San Francisco, the Sea Change Program, — a non-profit with the mission of de-stigmatizing abortion — and, most recently, Fast Company.

Apparently, Apple has patched the bug and is placing the patch as part of a larger improvement in building results. iOS 9’s Nearby feature, which localizes search results, now features a family services category. Abortion providers, such as some Planned Parenthood clinics, but not limited to them, fall under that category.

A Sea Change executive thinks the update comes at a conspicuous time to be “suspect.”

Source: The New York TimesTechCrunch
Via: Cult of Mac


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