Latest LG G5 rumors return to idea of Magic Slot accessory expansion


If you’ve been keeping an ear to the LG G5 rumors stemming back the past several weeks, it’s easy to come away with the impression that the phone we’re about to see launch is one that may be the G5 in name only, taking some big steps away from the sort of hardware we became familiar with in phones like the G3 and G4. Big changes may include abandoning the classic rear volume controls, to say nothing of the unusual slide-out battery design that’s been teased. One of the more unusual rumors to emerge suggested that LG could give the phone a multi-purpose expansion port, dubbed the Magic Slot. We haven’t heard much about that idea since it was first rumored in the last days of 2015, but now it finally resurfaces in a new report, with an additional source adding corroboration to the feature.

We’re still not hearing much about the physical makeup of this port, nor about the sort of accessories LG might have envisioned for its use, but we do get a small update about possible placement, with word that LG could integrate the Magic Slot into the G5’s bottom edge.

What would that mean for a slide-out battery, presumably using that same bottom edge for its battery door? Well, like we said when first considering that construction, it still might be possible to retain port functionality, even if that complicates the engineering a little.

It also sounds possible, based on the wording of this most recent report, that there’s some sort of overlap between that slide-out battery and the G5 Magic Slot – could the battery itself be integral to Magic Slot functionality?

What if instead of the phone’s bottom edge acting as a cover for this slot, that’s instead how Magic Slot accessories take shape, swapping the component with replacements that deliver additional functionality? While that admittedly sounds a bit complicated, it also might make for a nice resolution that manages to combine several of these G5 rumors into a single cohesive vision for the handset’s design.

Source: The Verge

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