LG plays coy about MWC flagship announcement; maybe it won’t be the G5?


What do we know about LG’s MWC plans? The company’s got its press event scheduled for February 21, we’ve heard it confirm plans to announce a “major smartphone” at the show, and comments from company execs have reportedly identified this handset as a flagship-level device. Considering our expectations for seeing the flagship G5 launch either this winter or in early spring, it was easy to read all that as supporting the idea of an MWC G5 launch. Is that what we’re actually going to get, though? One of LG’s international branches is trying to keep us guessing on Twitter, as it sows the seeds of uncertainty and forces us to wonder, “what if this isn’t the G5?”

LG Poland found itself engaged in a playful back-and-forth a few hours ago, where it kept questioning the presumptive identity of its big MWC launch as the G5. The company acknowledged that while the flagship designation may be confirmed, this G5 label is still totally unofficial, and it intends to “leave [things] under the cover of silence,” keeping this mystery open-ended.

That leaves us with a few possibilities. Maybe we’re getting the G5, after all, and LG Poland is just being a little cute with us because it can. Perhaps we’re getting the phone we’ve been following as the G5, but it will ultimately launch under a different name. Finally, there’s the outside possibility that LG is talking about a separate flagship-level device altogether, and the G5 won’t emerge until a future event.

There certainly seems to be a sizable external body of evidence pointing to LG’s work on prepping the G5 for launch, so we’re tempted to rally around one of those explanations that involves this hardware going official sometime very soon. Exactly how that’s going to happen, though, we still can’t say with great certainty, and so long as LG keeps playing with us like this, we may find ourselves waiting for Febrauary 21 before we get any firm answers.

Source: LG Poland (Twitter)
Via: Android.com.pl (Google Translate)

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