Surface tabs at the center of NFL malfunction scandal again, Microsoft rejects blame


The National Football League’s decision to endorse Windows-powered Surface tabs rather than iPads, which are clearly way more popular to the general public, raised many eyebrows back in the day, and some pigskin fans continue to routinely confuse the two brands.

Others simply feel their favorite players and coaches would be better off doing tactical analysis and reviewing plays on Apple gear, especially after a recent incident during the AFC playoff game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots.

The latter team, which ultimately lost by a measly two points, was plagued by a technical issue that shut down the network access of the staff’s Surfaces for a reported 20 minutes or so. It’s hard to say just how damaging the glitch was to the New England squad’s game preparation and victory chances, but everything worked fine for the Broncos from beginning to end, and they weren’t requested to give up their strategical advantage at any point due to all machines starting off on equal footing.

Surface fail NFL

For its part, Microsoft denied the malfunction was “related to the tablets themselves”, instead pointing the finger at “an issue with the network.” Unfortunately for the Redmond-based giant, this isn’t the first time the slates “trusted by the pros” blunder during an important football match, the previous such occurrence happening just last month.

There’s also the occasional quarterback rage moment, when Surface Pros are maltreated in various ways, but more often than not, that’s connected to the footballers’ own personal gaffes rather than hardware mishaps.

Source: The Guardian

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