Nokia presents its ‘vision’ for the future, and three mysterious phones


Technically, Nokia’s old mobile phone division is no more, having been acquired and absorbed by Microsoft, which however continues to struggle in a doomed attempt to make Windows Phone, aka Mobile, hip.

Meanwhile, the scraps of the once mighty Finnish outfit are reportedly cooking up a mainstream hardware comeback, aside from focusing more than ever on telecommunications infrastructure, aided by new subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent.

Under the terms of its Redmond agreement, Nokia can’t sell any device before Q4 2016, but it can definitely start building hype around an allegedly killed and reborn C1, among others. This Android-powered bad boy may have just been showcased in the flesh in a 100-second video clip titled “Our vision”, next to a pair of even harder to decrypt phones.

But are we sure the three are even phones? After all, one looks eerily similar to a point-and-shoot camera. Then again, why would Nokia integrate said cam in its “vision” for the future, also removing the branding from the gizmo’s rear, as is the case with the other two?

It’s worth pointing out the “selfie phone” that pops up around the 1:24 mark sports a glossy plastic rear cover, exactly like the C1 prototypes we’ve seen pictured several times in the recent past, while the red-coated slab at 1:29 could be a basic Asha follow-up of sorts.

In any case, we’ll keep a very close eye on prospective Nokia comeback developments, with the million-dollar question remaining who will enter the equation for the actual manufacturing process? Foxconn, Meizu, a higher or lower-profile name?

Source: VentureBeat

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