2-in-1 Huawei and Xiaomi devices expected out this spring


2015 wasn’t the year of the great PC comeback, as iPhones managed to eclipse the popularity of traditional Windows computers by themselves, but something must be telling two of the most successful handheld manufacturers in the world there’s still money to be earned in devices sized over 10 inches.

Beside the looming Huawei MateBook (weird name, we know), a sub-13-inch hybrid of sorts could be coming soon from Xiaomi, which is currently putting the finishing touches to the Mi 5 flagship phone too.

What’s interesting is that, according to Digitimes and the publication’s hit-and-miss inside sources, this convertible Xiaomi laptop shall run both Windows 10 and Android-based MIUI in an experimental dual-OS arrangement that didn’t quite work out for other OEMs in the past.

How does Xiaomi intend to knock it out the park with a tricky, nichey concept of this kind? Hard to predict right now, but we may get the full story before long, as the “Mi Book” and Huawei MateBook are tipped to go official in just a few months.

Specifically, in April, at least as far as Huawei’s 12.9-inch Surface Pro 4 “killer” is concerned. What do you guys think, could these two, alongside iPad Pros and Surface Books, turn over a new leaf for the seemingly dying PC market segment?

Source: Digitimes

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