Xiaomi Mi 5 shows its face (and rear) in both white and black, build materials unclear


Just when we thought all the pieces of the Xiaomi Mi 5 puzzle had fallen neatly into place, a couple of fresh visual leaks seem to contradict one another, as well as past renders, starring the front part of an ivory model, and the rear cover of the looming black variant.

It’s of course possible we’re dealing with the same exact phone, but it’s more likely the Mi 5 will come in two configurations different not only as far as internals go, but also build quality. The pricier, punchier version could be made entirely out of metal, while the lower-cost, lower-end config will trade aluminum for glass on its rear.

Unless we’re letting our imaginations run wild, and we’re looking at a simple case of a hoax on one side, and the real deal on the other. If so, the alleged black Xiaomi Mi 5 prototype sure appears sleeker, more robust and premium than the white one, making us hope the former shall ultimately materialize, at or before the start of the Mobile World Congress next month.

Xiaomi Mi 5 black

Keep in mind the Snapdragon 820 powerhouse is expected to sport pink and gold paint jobs too, with subtle curves across the board, a Full or Quad HD 5.2-inch or so display, pre-loaded Android 6.0 Marshmallow software, up to 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage space, and a fingerprint scanner disguised as a physical home button.

Does that fall into Galaxy S7 “killer” material? It obviously depends on the price gap, and how ambitious might Xiaomi get about its US prospects in the near future.

Sources: G for Games, Phonearena, NowhereElse


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