Huawei P9 rumor anticipates four phones, including dual-camera premium model


Here in the West, Huawei’s enjoying some of its best brand recognition in years. Getting tapped by Google to produce the Nexus 6P was a huge deal for the manufacturer’s international stature, and while the Mate 8 wasn’t exactly brand new when it showed up at CES this year, it quickly emerged as one of the expo’s few stand-out phones. As we look forward to what’s next from Huawei, a new rumor attempts to lay out the company’s plans for some of this year’s upcoming flagships, painting the picture of what the Huawei P9 family has to offer.

To hear Evan Blass tell it, we’re looking at four phones sharing the P9 name, each bringing something a little different to the table. Obviously, we have the P9 flagship itself, though we don’t hear much about the patriarch of the family here, with this report steering clear of some of the more outlandish P9 rumors to cross our path.

Instead, we get more detail about some of the variants: both a toned-down P9lite and a P9max are supposedly in Huawei’s pipeline, with the P9max perhaps being a closer relation to the rest of these P9 models than last year’s P8max was to its namesake.HuaweiP8Lite_DSC9968

But the juicy part of this rumor concerns the fourth P9 model. We don’t have a name just yet, but there’s no shortage of details ready to start forming our expectations for the phone. Blass describes it as feature-enhanced P9, one that’s just slightly larger than the P9 itself while introducing some significant upgrades.

Those could include a dual-12MP rear camera arrangement, giving us something like an souped-up Honor 6 Plus (top). In addition to the resolution interpolation and after-the-fact refocus tricks Huawei pulled off with that model, this premium P9 is expected to introduce some all-new camera abilities of its own.

Beyond that camera upgrade, look for the premium P9 to pick up extra RAM and on-board storage compared to the base P9. We don’t hear a lot of other spec details here, aside from one that won’t make the cut: don’t look for any QHD panels among P9-family screens.

As for a launch, we’re told that the P9 gang could sit MWC out, with Huawei instead looking to announce the phones a little further out into the year; we don’t know if that still means Q1, but H1 seems all but certain.

Source: Venture Beat


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