LG is ‘ready to take on Samsung’ at MWC, though Galaxy S7 could come cheaper than S6


While it wouldn’t exactly be fair to call the LG G4 a box-office lemon, the leather-clad 5.5-incher was expected to build on its predecessor’s success, and help its creators make last year’s manufacturer top five, which wasn’t ultimately the case.

It’s back to square one for LG now, as the V10 might be exceeding expectations, but not in such a spectacular way to justify a G5 launch months after the Samsung Galaxy S7. Instead, the company’s highly anticipated full-metal flagship should debut at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress next month, directly “taking on” its fiercest competitor.

In case a vague MWC 2016 teaser, wacky render and indirect confirmation of a “major smartphone” coming in February weren’t enough to clarify LG’s short-term future plans, an unnamed executive is quoted by Korean press as candidly hinting at a “flagship” introduction the very day before the “official opening of the MWC.”

The LG G5 can obviously enjoy an early release thanks to Qualcomm, as the Snapdragon 820 processor is most likely ready for primetime, and way cooler (literally and figuratively) than the fiery SD810 mess.

Meanwhile, the GS7 is tipped to “support high-end camera technology” (forget about mediocre-sounding numbers), and “faster in-house application processors” (Exynos 8890), yet fall below the Galaxy S6 as far as retail costs go. With a microSD card slot and water resistance? If yes, then we’re sorry, but LG doesn’t stand a chance, regardless of a much more inspired rollout timing than last year.

Source: The Korea Times

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