Google Drive scores another update aimed at ‘super easy’ organization


We all know Google’s software updates come in waves, so after Maps, Cardboard, the Now Launcher, Google Plus and Play Store, it felt safe to expect a little something, something for GDrive as well.

Of course, we’d have liked an Android Marshmallow makeover even more, but there’s still plenty of time for that to happen before the so far mystery N build enters the equation.

Right now, cloud storage addicts will be ecstatic to hear Google Drive organization has been made “super easy”, just one month on the heels of a similar ease of use-focused renovation effort primarily targeting search functionality.

No more going to great lengths to add files to “My Drive” folders, as all your previews feature an icon to seamlessly and quickly do that in only one tap or click. Meanwhile, you can easily tell what files are remotely saved and which aren’t, thanks to “Move” and “Add to My Drive” options in your toolbar.

Last but not least, dragging and dropping files into folders directly from search results is easy as pie and intuitive as… well, something inanimate that’s extremely perceptive. All in all, the latest batch of Google Drive enhancements isn’t exactly overwhelming, but along with December’s minor functionality augmentations, it should definitely improve the service’s accessibility.

Source: Google Drive Blog

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