Apple Watch reportedly tops 50 percent market share for the whole of 2015


Even though it only became commercially available stateside in late April, slowly expanding worldwide in the next few months, and many analysts drew attention to its less-than-stellar sales results, the Apple Watch remarkably managed to conquer over 50 percent of the 2015 smartwatch market.

That’s at least according to Juniper Research, and if you take into account similar studies issued by other firms in the recent past, you’ll likely find the numbers check out. IDC, for instance, predicted global shipments would reach 21.3 million units during the last 12 months between all manufacturers, and the “iWatch” sold an estimated 5.5M copies in the holiday quarter alone.

Of course, if you add lower-cost, basic fitness trackers to the equation, the Apple Watch’s share considerably drops, to no more than 15 percent, based on IDC’s 80 million projection, but companies like Fitbit or Jawbone have insisted they’re not competing against Cupertino.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear S2 doesn’t seem a worthy rival as far as initial box-office feats go, despite decent critical reception and a couple of news stories suggesting otherwise. Makers of Android Wear-powered devices aren’t doing very well either, barely accounting for a combined 10 percent sales this year, as the “lack of a strong use case” continues to hurt them and the smartwatch category “waiting for a market.”

Source: Juniper Research
Via: GSMArena

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