Amazon may well offer its last good deal on the Motorola Nexus 6: $250 and up unlocked


The original Nexus 6 is not that old, and it’s certainly not obsolete as far as both its software and hardware are concerned, but in order to make room for the new, Huawei-manufactured Nexus 6P, Google decided to halt direct sales more than a month ago.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the stock Marshmallow-running phablet is dead and buried already, with a number of third-party retailers still selling it either unlocked or strictly for single carrier use. The question is how much longer will Amazon or Best Buy be able to keep it up when Big G and Motorola have obviously stopped producing the device?

Not long, we presume, as the former again offers the 2014 N6 at a hefty discount with valid US warranties, while the latter only sells it with AT&T Next plans, Sprint and Verizon contracts for exorbitant prices.

On Amazon, the midnight blue phone can be picked up in exchange for $250 when merely capable of accommodating 32GB data, or $300 in a 64 gig configuration. Those are the same tags as back around Christmas, and $50 north of a Black Friday deal that took a few hours to vanish.

They’re also a massive $400 off list prices, though it goes without saying it’s been a long, long time since last the Nexus 6 fetched $650 and $700 with 32 and 64GB storage space respectively.

The fresh promos don’t have expiration dates attached, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see the Snapdragon 805/3GB RAM/3,220 mAh battery powerhouse fade away altogether once current stocks are cleared out.

Source: Amazon

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