More than a million people are reportedly actively using Windows 10 Mobile


It’s no big secret Microsoft has been struggling to achieve the same levels of public delight with its pocket-friendly Windows 10 iteration as the desktop version did, but the recent software stability issues of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL may have been blown out of proportion.

After all, if things were so bad, adoption numbers would logically shrink instead of rise. Yet according to a trusted source of a very well-connected tech journalist, more than a million smartphone owners are running Windows 10 Mobile as their daily driver.

That obviously includes hundreds of thousands of devoted beta testers, which managed to build the operating system an impressive WP share of 5.7 percent way back in October, before it even reached RTM.

Of course, “a million plus” is a mere drop in Win 10’s 200M ocean, with 180 mil or so active PC users on 8.1’s sequel, and an additional 18 million Xbox One owners all up to date on their gaming-supporting software.

Not to mention a juggernaut like Apple, Samsung or, nowadays, Huawei sells a million phones in 24 to 48 hours, though that comparison is clearly not fair either. For what it is, and what it aims to be, Windows 10 Mobile is doing respectably well.

Meanwhile, the desktop rendition owns a nice 9.96 percent piece of the global pie, according to NetMarketShare, or 11.87 percent, based on StatCounter’s calculations. That’s narrowly behind 8.1 and, depending on who you trust more, either also narrowly behind XP or comfortably ahead of the recently neutralized OS.

Sources: Windows Central, StatCounter, NetMarketShare

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