HTC One A9 takes iPhone 6s copying to the next level with pink paint job


For better or worse, HTC seems to have embraced widespread iPhone “cloning” accusations, taking obvious cues from Apple even in its One A9 advertising efforts.

Granted, Cupertino doesn’t own the copyright on any of the design elements imitated by the Taiwanese Android specialist, and a solid case can be made for the world’s most profitable tech corporation finding inspiration at the competition back in the day rather than the other way around.

Ultimately, it’s best to let the market decide who copied who, and whose execution of similar concepts is better. The same goes for device colors, where we can jokingly claim HTC mimics Apple, but the field is wide open for mixing and blending.

Enter the pink HTC One A9, which undoubtedly resembles the “rose gold” iPhone 6s, as well as a host of other swanky handhelds from an array of manufacturers. Including the pink One M8 and One M9.

For the time being, this fresh new A9 flavor is exclusively available in Taiwan at the equivalent of $450 and $480 with 16 and 32GB storage space respectively, but before long, it should spread to Western shores, the US likely included.

Unfortunately, the American HTC One A9 starts at a slightly steeper $500 unlocked in carbon gray, opal silver, topaz gold, and deep garnet coats of paint, and there’s no logical reason to expect the pink version at a lower price point.

The internals are the same, Snapdragon 617 processor, 2 or 3GB RAM, 2,150 mAh battery and all, the 5-inch display sports Full HD resolution, you get a pair of respectable 13 and 4MP cameras, and Marshmallow software goodies hold everything together.

Source: HTC Taiwan
Via: HTC Source


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