Decibullz Contour Custom Molded Earphones Hands-On (Video)


A bit of tangential nostalgia for you: on the last episode of first iteration of the television show Call For Help from the old ZDTV-turned-TechTV network, there was a segment called Cat’s Clicks where co-host Cat Schwartz gave an interesting “click-to.” There was a last minute addition to the segment: a pair of custom-molded earphones from Ultimate Ears that cost about $500. Today, Ultimate Ears’s product line consists of three Bluetooth speakers.

That was some 12 years ago.

At CES 2016, an Indiegogo project called Decibullz attempts to fill the niche of the fit-to-your-lugs earbuds with a very neat innovation: by making the ear insert material out of a special polymer that becomes pliable with hot water and stiffens back up as it cools.

Wanna see how the process works? Our ears-in video is below. And if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to check out the Indiegogo page for Decibullz, too! There are Bluetooth as well as wired options for you to choose from at prices way, way below $500.

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