Apple App Store proceeds break record after record, with $20 billion+ sales posted in 2015

In addition to iPhones, which are single-handedly responsible for a mind-blowing 94 percent of global handheld profits, the rapidly growing Apple Watch, perpetually beloved Macs, and the slow-starting but potential-brimming iPad Pro, the world’s most lucrative tech business can also rely on its iOS App Store for a solid chunk of change.

How solid? To the tune of $20 billion a year, according to Cupertino’s latest press release, although that obviously accounts for developer payments and other expenses too. Still, $20 billion sales of apps and in-app items in 2015 alone should solidify Apple’s status as a financial juggernaut, surging 43 percent compared to the previous year, which in turn saw revenues hiking by roughly 50 percent from 2013.

As always, App Store purchases blew up around the holidays, and both the single-day and weekly records for highest earnings ever were broken two times. Overall, in the two weeks leading up to January 3, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV users spent a grand total of $1.1 billion on apps and IAPs, the peaks of this flourishing timeframe being reached on Christmas Day and January 1 subsequently.

As far as devs go, they’ve reportedly racked up close to $40 billion since 2008, more than a third of that sum being generated last year. Over 1.4 million jobs in the community of iOS-focused app creators, software engineers and entrepreneurs are estimated to have been forged and supported in the past seven years, during the existence and spectacular rise of the App Store. Any comments, iHaters?

Source: Apple PR

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