Apple’s holiday sales domination reiterated, with 77 percent of US mobile orders made from iOS


Probably for the first time in iPhone history, financial analysts and market researchers are talking not of continuously improving box-office records, but rather shrinking orders and slumping mainstream popularity for a new model, likely leading to an early launch of the diminutive 6c, and possibly a premature iPhone 7 turnaround too.

But let’s try to keep in mind the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus did get off to a flying start back in September, and alongside previous generations, they remain the most active mobile devices when it comes to e-sales. So active that they reportedly crushed their numerous Android-powered rivals in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and overall holiday orders at hundreds of US online retailers.

According to Custora’s e-commerce data harvested from roughly 500 million “anonymized shoppers”, iOS accounted for 77 percent of holiday mobile orders this year, while Android only racked up 23 percent.

No other platform, including Windows Phone, made the chart, which sounds physically impossible, but it’s likely because numbers under 1 percent weren’t tracked for practical reasons. The “other” section did score 1 and 2 percent respectively during the holiday season and Black Friday 2014, when iOS was even more prevalent, at 79 percent, and Android tallied exactly one in five US online sales.

The trend is therefore somewhat unfavorable to Cupertino, though iPhones and iPads can definitely afford to lose a couple extra percentage points. Of course, the marketing firm’s report doesn’t tackle the object of people’s desires in November, and who knows, maybe iOS users overwhelmingly bought Android gear to jump ship.

In other news, the desktop is still the preferred means of online navigation and shopping, however phones are rising, from 14 percent in 2014 to 20 now and from 17 to 24 as far as the holiday timeframe and Black Friday specifically are concerned.

Source: Apple Insider

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