Lenovo Link USB dongle lets you easily connect an Android phone to a Windows PC


There are countless ways to transfer files back and forth between your small-screened and large-screened devices, whether we’re talking smartphones or tablets and laptops or desktop PCs respectively, starting with Bluetooth and good old fashioned USB cables.

But Lenovo has an ingenious new accessory to show off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that can work as a traditional flash drive, as well as seamlessly sync Androids to Windows computers for a number of purposes.

This 32GB Link doohickey will let you drag and drop content from your Lollipop or Marshmallow-running phone to your PC and vice versa, comfortably watch videos on the latter that you’ve stored on the former, and just navigate the Android UI using a keyboard and mouse.

It pretty much goes without saying this is no Microsoft Display Dock, and you shouldn’t expect Continuum-rivaling 2-in-1 performance, but the Lenovo Link is way cheaper, at $40, and it may therefore be worth a shot in the spring, when it’s set to go on sale.

A couple of inconveniences are yielded by the dongle’s USB 3.0 support (2.0 will probably not work), its prerequisite of a Link app installation, and lack of wireless capabilities. Sorry, guys, but in order to get the picture-in-picture Android to Windows experience, you’ll need to run a cable between your phone and Link device, then plug the memory key into your computer’s USB 3.0 port.

Sources: Lenovo, Android Community

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