Nokia smartwatch ‘Moonraker’ prototype pictures leaked


Nokia had plans for a smartwatch of its own. We’ve seen reports, last June, of a device tentatively codenamed Moonraker, but apparently Microsoft has cancelled Nokia’s project shortly after acquiring its Devices and Services division. After all, the Microsoft Band 2 was well on its way, and Redmond was busy working on improving its first generation wearable.

The images above and below are purportedly snapped off of a Nokia smartwatch prototype (the Moonraker). Not much can be discerned from the stills, but you can instantly spot a minimalistic UI (where shown) that resembles the one Microsoft uses on Windows Phone (ex-Metro), complete with familiar notification icons.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of the gadget pictured (and its cracked screen). After all, this is a prototype (and we’re not even sure it was the only one in the works), and the final product might have ended up looking completely different from what you see here. That being said, time for a little nostalgia: would you have liked to see a Nokia smartwatch, or wearable, on the market?

Nokia smartwatch back

Nokia smartwatch screen Nokia smartwatch guts Nokia smartwatch screen time

Source: Weibo
Via: Twitter (@stagueve)

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