Lumia 950 XL woes deepen, as Amazon UK and France also pause sales


Update: We’re not sure why Amazon UK and France have paused sales for the Lumia 950 XL, but the good news (for those who want to grab one) is that the phone is now back on sale.

First, Amazon Germany pulled the rookie Windows 10 phablet from the direct sales channel, citing vague product quality issues. Actually, no, first came a number of pretty serious software glitches for both the Lumia 950 and 950 XL that seemed to continue running beta builds of Microsoft’s theoretically finished and polished new OS.

While Redmond quickly patched the bugs, the 5.7-inch Snapdragon 810 powerhouse vanished from an additional few European retailers concerned with the handheld’s stability. The British and French branches of Amazon are the latest to make the unsettling move, allowing Marketplace Sellers to freely hawk 950 XL inventory.

What’s interesting is the two’s statements differ on the reasoning for the item “reviews”, with Amazon France offering a specific explanation, and Amazon UK keeping things as ambiguous as possible. Forget demand surges, “something wrong” with the retailers’ inventory or “the way we are dispatching it.”

The products shipped don’t match their description, according to Amazon France, and that’s most likely due to software or hardware defects which are completely Microsoft’s fault. On the bright side, Lumia 950 XL sales appear to have resumed in Germany, so before long, Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts around the world might actually be able to purchase decent, fully functional phones. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

Sources: Amazon UK, France, Germany

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