Huawei P9 phone with 6GB RAM, 2K resolution-sporting Honor X3 tablet headed for CES?


Normally, we wouldn’t bother with rumors of prospective CES protagonists so close to the show’s formal opener and just as the deluge of product announcements begins, thanks to a few eager attendees.

But we’re still more than 24 hours away from Huawei’s January 5 press event in Las Vegas, and the P9 sounds too big to ignore. Mostly figuratively, as the display is tipped at 5.2 inches, which seems nearly Lilliputian compared to the recently unveiled 6-inch Mate 8.

Speaking of, yes, we also feel the Mate 8 and April 2015-introduced P8 make the P9’s imminence unlikely, yet we simply cannot refrain from reporting on today’s gossip. The reason is the Huawei P9 could be the world’s first 6GB RAM-packing smartphone, and that’s a feat worth previewing, even if it’s not actually accomplished for a few more months.

Before you think it, yes, the memory bump over the already plentiful 4 gig standard is technically possible. Is it needed too? Probably not yet, but maybe soon. What’s odd is Samsung might stall the upgrade for its Galaxy S lineup, in which case we highly doubt Huawei would make the risky move.

But once again, it’s theoretically possible, and that should be enough to sweeten your pre-CES 2016 dreams. A much more realistic prospect is an Honor X3 tablet (phablet?) with a 6.2-inch Quad HD screen, 4GB RAM, 20 and 8MP cameras, and pre-loaded Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This device was most likely teased with the tagline “Rhythm x Entertainment”, and it’s either entirely made of metal, or “worst” case scenario, it features an aluminum frame. You have every reason therefore to stay tuned to our website for the best CES coverage around.

Sources: Weibo (1), (2)
Via: Gizchina, Gizmochina

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