LG G5 could pick up secondary display, wide-angle dual-lens camera, and hardware expansion


With CES just over the horizon, we’re literally just days away from getting our first taste of the smartphones that will make up the class of 2016. While next week’s phones are bound to include some hot hardware, the most attractive handsets could still be another month or two away, as we look forward to new flagships from Samsung, HTC, and more. That list includes LG, as Android users anticipate the launch of the G5. We’ve already heard a few rumors about what we might expect from the phone, include some early stabs at specs, materials LG might be thinking of using, and even took a look at a shot of a supposed prototype. But today’s new report positively blows those others away, as mobile-leak superstar Evan Blass delivers a detailed account of what LG’s working on for the G5.

While the G4 packed a 5.4-inch quad HD panel, the G5 could see that shrink a little, keeping the same resolution but moving to a 5.3-inch display. And while the main screen might be smaller, LG looks like it could make up for that by giving the phone its own secondary ticker display, just like we got on the V10 (above). From the sound of this account, the G5 might not be the only 2016 LG phone to pick up a secondary display, and it could be a highlight across the company’s lineup.

Other hardware changes could include a slightly smaller 2800mAh battery, a Nexus 5X-style rear fingerprint scanner, and the introduction of an intriguing “Magic Slot” expansion port. Details on just how that port might work haven’t yet been revealed, but mention of accessories like VR hardware, a physical keyboard, and additional camera modules suggest that LG could have pretty grand plans for the interface.

Speaking of cameras, the G5 could be looking at a dual-lens arrangement for its rear main camera, similar to the dual-lens setup for the V10’s front-facer. That would give the two sensors a wide 135-degree field of view. We’re told to expect a 16MP resolution, but it’s not clear if that’s the native resolution of each sensor, or the ultimate result when their outputs are combined.

Expect that main camera to be flanked by a dual-LED flash, LG’s famous laser auto-focus, and an RGB sensor for even further enhanced focus performance and color-temperature sensing.

Finally, we get an update on launch plans, with word that the LG G5 could launch in Q1, slightly ahead of last year’s April G4 debut. Does that mean an MWC appearance? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Venture Beat

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