Fossil Q smart wearable lineup fully detailed and available for sale

After playing all coy last month upon the formal introductions of the Q Founder, Q Grant, Reveler, and Dreamer, American designer and manufacturer of jewelry and good old-fashioned “dumb” watches Fossil has finally laid out the specifics of its complete intelligent wearable roster.

The Fossil Q Founder is undoubtedly the pack’s headliner, even though it oddly sells for a little more than initially announced – $295 instead of $275. That’s still less than the entry-level Apple Watch, and this bad boy’s main forte is the ability to combine “modern functionality” and “classic good looks.”

About those “modern” features, they apparently include full Android Wear support with 4.4+ and iOS 8+ compatibility, Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy connectivity, an all-day 400 mAh battery, “low-power” Intel Atom processor, IP67 water protection, a touchscreen with unknown resolution, accelerometer, gyroscope, and 4GB internal storage space.

So, what do other smartwatches offer and the Q Founder doesn’t? Built-in GPS, perhaps, and a few extra sensors, but at the end of the day, this fashionable timepiece is mostly proficient in the same areas as, say, Moto 360s or the Samsung Gear S2.

The $195 Fossil Q Grant Chronograph can also count steps and calories, as well as receive “filtered notifications from your favorite contacts”, but without Android Wear and a touch-friendly display, it’s clearly less advanced than its sibling. On the plus side, the battery should last up to a week.

Finally, if watches aren’t your thing, and you’d rather get a “smart bracelet” with Android and iOS support, 7-day autonomy, accelerometer, basic activity tracker functions and water resistance, the Q Dreamer and Reveler can be purchased at $125 a pop in stainless steel, dark brown leather or black leather flavors. Pretty decent Christmas gift ideas for the entire family, don’t you think?

Sources: PR Newswire, Fossil

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