Pebble Time lineup now enabled for voice and text replies on AT&T iPhones

The built-in microphone of the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round smartwatches has been one of the trio’s most underused features since day one, especially when paired with iPhones. On iOS, you couldn’t even answer to text messages using your voice without pulling the iDevice from your pocket, an uncomfortable situation that’s about to change, at least for postpaid AT&T subscribers.

Yes, our Ma Bell-loving readers and friends, you can now update your Pebble Time firmware and Time iPhone app to finally activate voice and text communication straight from your wrist. How does it work? Simple, you just say the word(s) after first setting up the iOS Text Reply app, or pick from a list of pre-defined responses.

The feature is still technically in the beta stage of development, which is why it’s not yet ready to roll out to all US wireless service providers. It may not be very reliable and stable either, but even if it only occasionally works, it’s a big step forward nonetheless.

Unfortunately, Pebble had to dodge certain Apple limitations by conveying replies through AT&T directly, not the iOS Messages app, so the latter won’t show any records of your wrist responses. To get everything up and running, you’ll need to make sure your wearable gizmo is on software version 3.7, and the Pebble Time iPhone app on 3.4. Enjoy!

Source: Pebble Blog

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