Samsung Galaxy S7 could bring microSD back, Edge version tipped as even curvier


There’s been a lot of noise on the Samsung Galaxy S7 gossip front lately, possibly suggesting an earlier than usual introduction in January ahead of a February commercial launch, but tipsters have so far stayed quiet on the matter of storage.

What surprises could Samsung be prepping after the rollout of super-speedy UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.0 technology with the Galaxy S6? If your answer is UFS 3.0, or simply more internal hoarding room, then you’ve prematurely given up the fight for microSD’s return.

And yet an Italian blog claims to be in contact with “trusted sources” vouching for expandable memory on the GS7, and presumably, its “edgy” sibling. Speaking of, the Galaxy S7 Edge is rumored to measure 5.7 inches in screen diagonal, and feature both vertical and horizontal curves. Like a cross of sorts between the S6 Edge and LG G Flex.

Can you even picture something like that? Would it perhaps be too much to have side loops, as well as top and bottom arches? And how come the “standard” Galaxy S7 is expected to sport a smaller 5.2-inch display? Actually, the last one isn’t so hard to figure out, as Samsung may want to better differentiate the two models this time around.

Back to microSD, which was ditched alongside removable batteries once the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 swapped plastic for aluminum and glass to morph into the S6 and Note 5, we sure hope its revival won’t hurt internal storage performance. Everybody loves space and affordability, but not at all costs.

Source: Samsung HDBlog
Via: SamMobile

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