AT&T Lumia 950 now also available from Microsoft with Next plans or outright

When Redmond announced it would grant AT&T exclusivity over the smaller of the Lumia 950 siblings for an undefined period of time, we never imagined that also excluded the unlocked 5.2-incher. Yet here we are, Ma Bell all ready to ship the Snapdragon 808 powerhouse to early adopters, and the SIM-free model remains unavailable with Microsoft.

It’s true, the software and hardware manufacturer still promises a first wave of deliveries will go out “by November 25.” But wouldn’t that entail the phone actually going on sale before Wednesday? Oh, well, at least the US MS e-store now takes orders for the AT&T Lumia 950 too.

The pricing structure is obviously the same as if you’d be dealing with the carrier directly: $599 off-contract, $30 a month with a Next 12 plan, $25 on Next 18, and $20 on Next 24. Microsoft doesn’t sell the Lumia 950 attached to a two-year pact, an arrangement that sees the upfront costs slashed from 600 bucks to only 150 at America’s number two wireless service provider.

Meanwhile, we’d like to point out the Lumia 950 XL has proven so popular in its initial rounds of pre-orders that shipping estimates are no longer offered. Nonetheless, the Windows 10 Mobile-running 5.7-incher is still listed as “eligible” for a free Display Dock, plus up to $50 savings with the Essentials Bundle between today, November 20, and December 31.

The Lumia 950 also qualifies for discounted accessories, including a $25 portable dual charger, $22 tempered glass screen protector, and various snazzy cases at $23.25 a pop.

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