BlackBerry Priv (and others) expected to return company to profitability next year


It’s no longer a big secret the recently unveiled BlackBerry Priv will soon spawn a “range” of sequels, possibly starting with the Android-powered “Vienna”, and although it may feel too early to call it either way, CEO John Chen anticipates robust sales volumes.

Already, the Canadian company that’s lost more money than you can count over the past couple of years is apparently “doing reasonably well from a financial standpoint”, despite the handset business not turning a profit just yet.

But the gains will come in 2016, according to Chen, who emphasized his confidence Priv’s limited exclusive window with AT&T won’t harm the phone’s US mainstream appeal in a CNBC interview. Besides Verizon, BB is “talking about” a partnership with T-Mobile, having buried the hatchet after a “difference of opinion a little while back.”

Magenta’s outspoken head honcho also confirmed his own interest in helping BlackBerry’s comeback story, so it’s clearly only a matter of time now until the Priv spreads its wings across at least three of the “big four” American carriers.

Likely, a matter of weeks, as AT&T’s exclusivity runs for “most of this calendar year”, which probably means it’s due to close before long. In addition to building phones easier to market to the masses, BlackBerry will of course remain focused on developing critical software for government use, as well as cater to enterprise consumers with various productivity-enhancing and security-centric tools.

By the sound of it, the short-term goals and ambitions of this tech giant that many rushed to call a time of death on are neatly mapped out at last. Not a bad first step towards complete recovery.

Source: CNBC

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